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Default First post, another "next plane" thread

Hi all, I'm new here soo um yeah, please don't flame me too bad~

Anyways I have a little hobbyzone champ that while I like, is starting to feel a,little small and slow~so I'm looking at getting my next plane, only problem is I can't decide on what DX I've looked at reviews and such but I can only remember so much ^^; so I thought if get your opinions. If eventually like to get into jets ( F22 raptor!!) But I don't this I'm ready for them just yet. I have a lot of experience on rc flight sims on all aircraft and fly then without any problems.I have also punished the little champ a fair bit with high winds and attempted areobatics XD. Only two crashes weren't really my fault as the first one done grass got caught on the LG on touchdown and the second it ran out of battery in the high wind and the wind punished it~

My budget is limited to a max of $250 aud so I've been looking at hobby king for a bit (Aussie wharehouse) and I like a few of their planes~but I know it can be hit and miss on quality~

I was looking at ~
The durafly PH-88
the durafly corsair and thunderbolt
The 800mm racing series (didn't realise they were racers like the rarebears DX)

Someone told me not to go with scales as they'd be til hard for me to land (could have been referring to the grass field) and instead get a powered glider trainer thing~which if rather not get~

And with these (HK) if be using either the HK controllers or the the turnigy ones~

All help appreciated ^^
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