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Default $75 Build Contest- X47B-UCAS

Okay folks,
I’m going to build the Northrup Grumman X-47B- UCAS.

It’s now been successfully catapult launched and landed on the Navy’s USS Harry S. Truman and USS George W. Bush. Our tax dollars at work ! The program only cost about $1B thus far. Not too bad considering everything else.

My budget is tight but doable. A late entry, but I think I have a chance of getting her built and flown within the prescribed March 1 deadline.

I have the plans from “crispy” who has a business called:
The BOM is rather simple:

Elmers foam board ( ~ $ 8.00 from Wal*Mart)
70mm edf w/ 60amp esc combo ( $50.00 from
(2) 9g servos ( included in Hobbypartz pkg)
Rods, horns, connectors ( already have)
20 oz Styrafoam cup for nacelle ( $2.00 from Dollar Tree )
Plans from foam concept jets – ( $10.00)
RX- Lemon ( already have)
3300mah 4S 40C CHL lipo ( already have)

So, I’m right at about USD $70.00 . Pretty unique foam jet in that it uses a removable thrust tube that can be transferred to other models in his very cool line up. One motor/esc services several jets with a quick change over.

As a special helper, Crispy has produced a series of Youtube build vids I can use as a reference when I have a question.

Here’s his flight demo:

Will start cutting foam parts this week.
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