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Default First FPV experience

I was at the flying field yesterday morning taking advantage of a bit of decent weather. Another club member showed up with his newly FPV'd Flyzone Calypso glider. It's got (I think) a packaged "Fat Shark" system.

I offered to be the AMA recommended (required ?) spotter, a position which, by the way, turned out to be pretty essential, twice. The first time, he was damn near out of sight and approaching a stand of trees which would have completely hidden the plane. I advised climbing and turning back . The next incident was a failure of the video feed - he pulled off the goggles but didn't know exactly which way to look, so I took the transmitter (and took over). I think there is a good chance the plane would have been lost had I not been there "spotting".

Then he graciously allowed me to try it out myself. What a hoot! A few observations:

- I now understand why FPV flyers are often sitting in a chair whilst flying - there is a very real risk of "vertigo". A disconnect between what you're seeing, and what your body is feeling, I suppose. It wasn't too bad, but a couple times I caught myself feeling a bit off balance. A chair would have been nice .

- Considerable experience would be needed in order to accurately judge altitude. Not an issue up high, but down lower, it's hard to tell the difference between say 50' and 10'. We were constantly telling each other how high the plane was, which helped a lot.

- You get what you pay for. The video quality of the "Fat Shark" system leaved a lot to be desired. Now, I don't know if perhaps it wasn't "dialed in" correctly or what, but the view was kinda fuzzy.

I'm going to have to try this myself, one of these days

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