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Default Semi-scale B-25

Ever since my wonderful wife arranged for me to fly in a B-25 last summer (this one:!b25/cgmb ), I've been vaguely thinking about building a model of the plane.

Today I've started thinking about it in more detail, and started on drawing up some plans. This will be my first twin engine model, so I'm not planning on getting overly involved in scale looks, but rather just going for a basic flyer, to learn the ins and outs of doing a twin. So the fuselage and engine pods are going to be squared off foamcore structures - sort of a 3 dimension "profile" thing .

I found some 3-view drawings somewhere on line and established a scale conversion factor to lay out the plans. It's going to have a 42" wingspan and about 32" over-all length.

More as things progress!

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