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Originally Posted by mudbeast2 View Post
Hey guys,
I'm Lou and I have been building and playing with RC trucks, cars & rock crawlers off and on for the past 25 years. I stumbled across & saw electric warbirds. Well after playing with a flight simulator I ordered a 800mm Corsair RTF. I already have the lipo charger so I figured what the heck. I am wondering if I'm over my head? I read a lot and the all recommend trainers but they don't look cool! Any advise & comments are welcome. I look forward to being part of your forum.
First of all, welcome to Watt Flyer. You will get a lot of help here from folks that have been doing this for years and from those of us with even a bit less experience.

Though I don't know personally anything about the Corsair you have, I will say this. It will be well worth it to get a trainer first, looks and "coolness" have very little to do with learning to fly. The frustration of crashing in the first few seconds of learning to fly will take a lot of coolness out of the experience. Things move a lot faster in real time vs. a simulator, though that is a very good place to start. If possible find someone who already flies and get them to give you the low down. A buddy box is (two radios wired together) is ideal. But trying to learn on a twitchy low wing is a set up for a crash real quick.

Many of us have had to learn the hard way... you don't have to.

happy flying!


A pre-flight check is better than a post crash analysis
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