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Question AEO 27mm EDF thrust not there

I'm new to brushless motors, esc's, lipos ect. I purchased an AEO27mm EDF unit and set it up as follows.

Motor: ELE RC ADF27-05 PLUS Brushless Ducted Fan Power System 10,000kV
7.4 V 4.1 A 58 Grams
8.0 V 4.6 A 66 Grams
8.4 V 4.9 A 72 Grams
ESC: Motrolfly 6A ESC
Battery: Cheetah Packs 7.4V 360mAh 35C lipo
Servo tester: E-sky from gobrushless

Now the way I understand the battery discharge amp info, a 360mAh 35c should provide 12.6amps (35*360=12600/1000=12.6), and the 7.4v lipo fully charged is 8.4v, and the esc is well over 4.9A. BUT I can only squeeze 58gm of thrust out of this setup.

I switched to a Spektrum AS6410NBL DSMX 6Ch AS3X Receiver with BL 5A ESC, and the same battery, using my Spektrum DX5, and I could only get 51-52gm of thrust.

What must change to get the advertised 72gm of thrust???
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