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Originally Posted by jibwalker View Post
Thanks Chellie, but at 29mm thick, that battery would be about 24mm larger than the space I'm trying to fit it into.

When you say the voltage needs to change, I suspect you mean that even though my multi-meter reads 8.4v when my 7.4v lipo is fully charged it really only pushes 7.4v under load. Right?

And if that's the case there's no 2s lipo that will provide that power right?

And if so, why does the EDF call for a 2s lipo and give performance data for some other battery?
Hi a 7.4V 360mAh 35C lipo will not keep the voltage up for any length of time, thats a real dinky battery a 2 cell lipo that is 5000mah will hold the voltage up for a long time, what you are seeing is major voltage drop, and EDF eat up amps and volts real fast, EDF mfg really over rate their products, dont belive any of the Hype advertising, to see the thrust that you want, you will have to use a different battery, you may even need to make up your own lifepo4 battery pack to fit your plane, at 9.6 volts and after the draw and load on the lifepo 3 cell pack, you should see about 8.4 volts, and that will give you your thrust, in this Hobby, you have to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome issues, HURA LOL

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