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Originally Posted by DavidR8 View Post
This feels like an embarrassing simple question.
What is the ‘standard’ practice for setting up a plane is setup with separate aileron servos? I'm using a Futaba 7C radio.

To my mind, there seems to be only two connection options:
Use a Y-harness into channel 1. I believe this requires flipping one of the servos: both arms either face out or in so that they move in opposite directions.
Assign the second servo to a different channel and reverse that channel.

Obviously the Y-harness is more simple but I'm kind of assuming it precludes flaperons.

Or am I missing something?
Standard configuration is a two servo system with a "Y" harness. As you indicate, that requires both servo arms to either point away from each other, or toward each other.

If your radio has mix capabilities, there are advantages to using a separate channel for the second aileron. Such as simple neutral adjustments, travel amounts, and if desired, flaperons.

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