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Default Brushed Power System Throttle Reverse

This one has me stumped....not hard for that to happen these

Any thoughts are welcome.......(well almost any)

The TX/RX is an older 2.4ghz (4ch/TX - 6ch/RX)....FMS/ArtTech/BlitZWorks.

The motor is the standard GWS Slow Stick (geared) brushed.
The ESC is a Turnigy Eagle 30amp.
The battery is a 2s, 7.4v, 1600mah.

Everything was in good working order the last time I powered everything up (on a Slow Stick)....been about 8 months ago. Batteries are fine, use them occasionally on the Tiger Moth.

Got back from flying this morning and a buddy was bugging me to bring out the SS again so we can play

So, I dusted everything off and put everything back together.......did a bench test on controls and the motor would not turn beeps on the ESC and control surface's worked fine.

Powered down everything, check'd reverse tabs.....all ok for this application.....power'd it up again, no ESC beeps, throttle stick down, but motor now running full throttle......Powered down, reversed ch2 (throttle), powered up....same thing, motor running full throttle.....throttle down by pushing stick

Tried three re-binds with throttle stick in 3 different change and ESC beeps as if it senses the throttle stick NOT in lowest postion (down) other beeps and motor turns in proper direction when running (checked it with a prop attached to make sure).

Tried one more boot-up....with throttle stick down, all tabs correctly set and no prop.....same story, ESC has that slow beep...beep....beep like stick not in proper position...and motor blazing (it will stop and slow down as the stick is shoved upward).

Never had this happen before with any application I've built with the brushed slow stick (reversed motor once due to wire crossing)......and yes, I've checked red to to black and plug input to RX....all are as I have done previously...100

Really don't want to put the Stick on the DX6i and waste a good RX and selection slot.....but may have to if the cheepy TX/RX has given up the's been pretty good to me for the Stick up until

Thanks in advance........
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