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Default Steer clear of the Soarwing

The last hobby shop in the district closed down early last year, so I picked up a couple of "bargains" before they went bust. One of them was a generic Chinese electric glider called the "Soarwing", a balsa model covered in solarfilm/monokote, with a brushed motor. Even for $50.00, it was overpriced. Warped fuse, warped wing etc. It flew like it had a hinge in the middle, tip stalled and porpoised, the motor over heated very quickly, and the slightest breeze upset it even more. It basically refused to fly by itself and required continual input. The only saving grace is that is actually not a bad looking glider.

Sure its fixable, and the potential is probably there, but it was advertised as plane for the complete beginner. Any novice trying this as an entry model would probably give up on flying. I did spend some time getting it set up, but I initially followed the instructions as any novice would, just to see how it turned out.

There are lots of better beginner planes out there; just avoid this one
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