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Originally Posted by mudbeast2 View Post
Hey guys,
I just got my Delta Ray today and the battery hook up looks to be just like the lipos I use in my off road trucks. I want to use the same charger that I use in my trucks, where I use a balancing board then connect the main red & black to a different harness. What is throwing me for a loop is the car charger that came with the plane only connects to the balancing lead. I need some advise on charging this battery. 2S, 7.4V, 1300 mAh.
Even my Cellpro Powerlab 8 chargers have the option of charging a battery ONLY through the balance cables. And, obviously the '8 chargers can also charge though both the balance and power connectors.

No problem here, just about any Lithium chemistry battery can be charged only through the balance cables with an appropriate charger. The restriction is the limited current value those balance wires can handle. That would be on the order of an ampere or two.

So, charging a 5000 Mah battery pack through the balance cable only could take four or five hours, again, due to the current limits of the balance wires.

So, if you've got an existing charger that can charge your 1300 Mah LiPo at about 1300 milliamperes (1.3 Amps) through the power and balance cables, just go for it.

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