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Default Flyzone Calypso ESC wiring issue

when soldering on a new connector onto my ESC, I mislabeled the connections between the ESC and the engine. Now, the engine beeps rapidly with every combination of engine and ESC wiring (I have tried all six possible combinations of three ESC wires with the three engine wires). The real issue is that the three wires out of the ESC are ALL BLACK. I cannot figure out which one is the ground wire (and the positive and negative). The one labeled two does some out of a different chip or from the back of the chip from the other two (labeled 1 and 3), but that is the only difference I can see from looking at the ESC.

The engine has color coded wires, red, green, and yellow, but I cannot figure out which one is ground, positive, and negative....emailed Flyzone, but have not heard back...

Need some serious help to recover from my mislabeling adventure...

Thanks in advance.
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