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Default question: optima 6 channel ,4servos &rx batt issue.

hey gang,i have a optima 6 channel rx in the rv-4 and am using 2 servos on the ailerons,1 for rudder,1 for elevator and an rx 6volt battery with an opto esc.

heres what i'v spent the last hr researching and still haven't got the answer yet.

channel 1 is the right aileron,ch 2 elevator,ch3 esc opto,ch 4 rudder,ch 6 is the left aileron. so my question is if it's ok to plug the rx 6volt battery into the empty channel 5 spot?.

channel 6 is marked as battery/aileron and i don't see where i program my eclipes 7 2.4 tx to switch channel positions so the left aileron would be in channels 5's position and the battery would be where it's marked on channel 6.

will the rx battery be ok in the 5th channel spot? with it plugged in there everything is working but i want to be sure it's not a problem. worst case,i buy another optima 7 channel.

i'm not using the spc spot as i need to power the servos and the rx via the nimh 6 v battery.

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