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Default Brand NEW Yak bites the dust!

I picked up a NIB E-Flite UMX Yak 54 just before Christmas as a back up for the used one i got from E-bay awhile ago....Welp, unfortunatly sometimes new is just a condition, as in about a minute and a half into the flight, after a thorough preflight, flying straight and level, all controls went South, and the Yak went in hard, with MUCH damage! I took the plane back to the table and checked the radio, and everything was functioning properly....EXCEPT the AS3X, which quit working completely! Needless to say, its boxed up and heading back to Horizon. This is the first time ive ever had a problem with a brand new E-Flite plane, and im sure Horizon will help me out, as ive had good dealings with them in the past! Oh well, guess there's a first time for EVERYTHING!
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