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Default Simple RTH and Alititude Hold?

Is there a simple way to enable RTH (Return to home) and Altitude Hold or Hard deck?

Turnigy T1000FC Auto Pilot System - at about $70 seemed like a perfect fit, but I can't find one available for sale anywhere.

Looks like it is a simple 3 axis Gyro, GPS and barometer setup with limits set or pre-set.

Concept is that you power up the plane at it's home location, wait a few min for GPS signal, hit a button and then take off. If you pop RTH, it comes back and circles the location autonomously.

As a "Training Tool" if armed it can limit roll, and dive / climb to 45 degrees and the altitude hold function can be engaged also.

That is all in a two piece package at $70.

What else offers similar functions without having to use a mission planner to preset GPS coordinates and tons of tuning?
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