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Default PH2 Course Lock Not Working

Home lock not working either.
So I looked at all the DJI videos on the subject, first, of course.
Then I did a subject search here, So now I started this thread.

Ok, so I have tried multiple times to get into Course Lock or Home Lock, but they never work. When I push forward on the stick the craft still follows the front of the craft not the direction of where I was traveling.

So I know how Home and Course lock are supposed to work. In Course lock mode it flys in a Grid pattern, once you lock it in it is supposed to continue forward on the course you started it on, REGARDLESS of the Yaw position of the craft ,,right?
Home lock, the craft (PH2) will return towards the home position radially, like the spokes on a wheel, if you push forward on the stick it goes away from you, if you pull back it comes back to home, REGARDLESS of the Yaw position of the craft, right?

Update, ok, so I have a Mac, and I have the Software Assistant for Mac v.1.08 the latest version.
It works fine, I have done a complete update of all the drivers and stuff for the whole shebang, no problems.
Did a complete recalibration and it worked fine, flies fine.
Green lights all go ahead.

So when I go to the main 'View' page on the PT2 Software Assistant there is a place that shows the status of the IOC mode. (intelligent orientation control) so it shows that it is 'OFF'. In the first place , why? And there is no place to click on to turn it on.
So how do I turn it on using the Software Assistant for Mac? Anyone know? I know that Dronefly uses Mac's
I used that video for recalibration, it worked great, a one minute video that gets to the point.

So anyone know how to turn on IOC for the PT2 (Phantom2)?

I have a PT2 (non-vision) set up with zenmuse and gopro
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