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Default Kyle Service Tech actually bought something else!

For those who have been reading a few of my postings, they are aware of the many Hacker motors in my various models. IMHO, because they work, and work well.

Well, in E-bay, a Hyperion ZS3025-10 motor was for sale at $49.00, shipping included. After checking the specs of this motor, and needing a motor of this size for a recently picked up model, the Hyperion motor was ordered and received.

The Hyperion specifications lists the motor winding resistance at 0.019 ohms, a very good value for this size motor. Using a pair of Fluke 87 meters, my tests show this winding resistance at 0.0265 Ohms. That is still lower than the comparable Hacker motor. (H'mmm, maybe Hyperion is checking winding resistance between one winding and the two other windings shorted together. If so, that is very close to the spec'd 0.019 ohms)

Hyperion also indicates that this motor will pull about 44 Amps at 14.7 Volts DC while turning an APC 12X6SP prop. My tests shows that this motor pulls 25 Amps at 14.5 Volts DC. Don't have an RPM reading, got to track down my optical Tachometer.

Putting an APC-E 13X6.5 prop on this motor looks to be a good match, pulling 38 Amps at 14.1 Volts DC off a 5S1P A123 battery pack.

The Hyperion motor has notably more "cogging" when manually turning the shaft than my Hacker A40 motor, but while running, this totally disappears.

This Hyperion motor looks to be very well made, and IMHO, and potentially a good motor to consider for your next models.

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