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where is the rest of the group?

everything is too dependent on other factors. are you using an edf? 3500kv with a 5x5 prop on a flying wing? 500kv motor for a 60 sized airframe? who knows. the same battery you asked about might be 3-4 minutes on the first two motors, and 10-20 minutes on the second. but I have no idea how fast you need the prop to spin efficient, I Dontt know how slippery the airframe is.

powered glider? sure. .10 sized pylon racer... not so much.

slow stock prop reversal. it flies! easily! 543 watt dual motor bipe slow stick. push-me-pull-you. 242 watt 3 channel slow stick. 365 watt mini ultra stick. 415 watt mini contender. 810 watt ultra stick .25e. 220 watt alpha 450 sport (retired).
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