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Originally Posted by realnewbie1 View Post
Sorry I am a total newbie I don't understand some of what you're saying for example whats an edf?
EDF is an Electric Ducted Fan system. These power systems are generally used for very high performance, very fast models. These EDF's are not very efficient for the type of application you're interested in.

For the type of application you're interested in, you need a slow flying model with a big wingspan. Something on the order of a Piper Cub, or even a sailplane. I've taken a lot of pictures and videos with both types of planes. The Piper or the sailplane would provide a more stable platform for your camera. Plus, these larger models have the ability to place a smaller camera off to one side on the wing, so the prop isn't in the field of view. A larger sailplane with perhaps a 6 foot or more wingspan will allow power on for about 30 seconds, then fly for awhile with power off. And repeat until the battery is depleted.

Something that might help is below:
"C" and what it is

If you have no experience in RC, join a club nearby!!!! Or get help in flying. The usual flight time for a person that has never flown an RC model is often measured in seconds.

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