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Default Flyzone Hadron Maiden - review & video

Well I picked up a Flyzone Hadron a few weeks ago when I went to hobbytown for some CA glue I've been looking at this plane since July and just thought it was to expensive compared to the Stryker Q and Stryker C that I already own. However, with my new club discount I purchased it for $165.
I decided to immediately run it on 4S. I have plenty of 3S planes. I used some old batteries from my Sbach that I hadn't flown in 2 years (Skylipo 2200mah 40C-80C). I used a HobbyKing 6 channel receiver w/ satellite with my Dx8.
Plane went together in about 30 min. Screwing on the vertical stab, attaching 5x5 prop, putting in velcro / strap for battery, and soldering on a XT60 battery connector. I put some gorrilla tape clear on the leading edges and a strip of 3m packing tape down the middle of the underside.
I muddled my way through mixing a channel for the vector thrust so I could turn it off and on. I put the same rates and expo as for my Stryker f27Q. 1. 100% 30%, 2. 75% 30%, 3. 75% 40% Three position switch.
My friend Fish launched the plane for me and it took right off in the 20 - 28mph wind. I had to put in 3 clicks of up and that was all.
This plane is a rocket on 4S. I would say a little faster than the Stryker Q. Fish loaned me a new Nanotech 2200mah 4s 45C-90C battery and it was significantly faster my 3rd & 4th flights. We couldn't get the reading on the iphone Doppler to read consistently but got one reading at 120.7mph and quite a few over 110mph. The wind doesn't really effect this plane at all, good thing because I live in Wyoming
I made a video with my gopro Hero 2. It's recorded in HD so click on 1080 resolution for best quality. I'll have some speed run videos coming shortly. I do recommend this plane if you get it for a good price. I see Towerhobies has it for $175 with buyers club discount.

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