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[QUOTE=dahawk;938415]WTS just texted me on this.

Not sure what the DX6 @ $226.00 doesn't have in comparison to the DX9 @ $350.00 besides 3 less channels . Looks like the same HMI , model, memory, voice alert SW, wireless trainer feature.

I bought the DX9 without really needing 9 channels but what the heck, they're there.

Are they eating their own young or trying to sweep the table, grabbing the mass market share of potential 6 channel customers? Say goodnight to JR, Futaba, Hitec, Airtronics and yes, Taranis.

It's Game over.[/QUOTE

Nice thing about Spektrum. Outside of one of the very early systems, all their receivers are both forward and backward compatible. So, new Spektrum transmitter designs don't make all of your existing receivers a candidate for the round file cabinet.

That is not always true of some of the other brands.

Plus a substantial portion of a radios design is the design cost of the computer programming of the radios microcontrollers that run everything. Once that's done, it's much easier to port that design over to other less costly transmitters. Bottom line, before retiring, the engineers at the company I worked for indicated that 90% of the design cost of a new computerized product is the software programming and debugging design. The other 10% is the hardware design. Also, perhaps one reason a few of those cheap imports are so inexpensive: Stolen technology???

As for this issue, one job I had back in 1963 was laying out the product circuit boards with tape and dots manually. We had a bunch of guys that were doing that. On retirement, we had one guy doing the board layout with computer software. And, the current microprocesser controlled products are 10,000 times more complex than what I did. We were using 16 copper layers on several of our current board designs.

Retired and the days are just too short, busier than ever!
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