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Default Engine/ESC/Receiver Reboot

I bought a FMS Corsair (v1 modified with a 60 Amp ESC and power 32 motor) from a friend. I had seen him seen him fly it recently, so I know I didn't buy a flying Lemon. I did not buy the receiver he used, but installed a Spektrum AR 6210. It bound fine with a steady light on both the receiver and the remote. I removed the bind plug and then powered back on the receiver (Tx on the entire time....about 15 feet away). I tested all the servo's and the retracts and they work fine. When I barely moved the throttle to test if the engine was connected. It seemed to beeped four times for the 4 cell battery that I am using paused and then beeped once more to indicate that was ready to go. Tried it again and same thing. It is like it thinks that I put a new battery in and it indicating that it is ready to go. The receiver light is steady on except when it is resetting....

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