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Default Bronze Rat

An American tourist was in an Italian seaside town when he stopped in at a second hand store to look around. While there he saw a small bronze rat statue that he thought he would buy.

The owner told him, “You don’t want that. Nothin’ but trouble. Don’t want to sell it to you.”

The American insisted he wanted it, and the agreed on a price with the stipulation he could not return it under any circumstances.

So he left the shop and started walking down the hill toward the bay. While walking he noticed a rat down in the gutter, watching him. Pretty soon, more rats were out and they started following him.

More and more rats came out, seemingly from everywhere, and crowded around him.

Soon he had to run as the rats were swarming around, jumping up at him, and nipping at his feet. He finally reached the bay, running at full speed, and headed out onto the pier. Once there he hurled the bronze rat into the ocean and was surprised as all the rats followed it off the end of the pier and into the sea, where they drowned.

He picked himself up off the pier and walked slowly back up the hill to the shop. When he walked in the owner shouted at him that he would not take the rat back.

“No problem with the rat,” the tourist said. “Was just wondering if you have any bronze lawyers for sale."

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