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Default The Shriek by Model dynamics

Do you remember the Shriek by Model Dynamics?

It is a great looking flying wing, that would be fantastic with e-power and retracts. It has 887 sq. in. of wing area, so it would handle a good sized motor and battery system. 67" wing span, about 4.5 lbs

I have this one on sale to try and fund a big quad or a B-17. I have 4 matched 470 watt motors that have GOT to go in something.

To all my Wattflyer friends in the USA, I will give free shipping if this goes over $100.00 as I think it will. (I hope).
I'm sorry I can't give free shipping to international buyers because of the cost. But I will give you a $10.00 discount.

Respond to my post and then let me know if you won the auction in a PM.

Dave R, KI7MTA Proud PGR rider.
When you have flying skills like mine,
You become a master at repair.
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