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Default Leading edge


I'm new to the electric world. My dad recently introduce my son to the joy of electric flight. I've gotten the itch to dig out my old nitros, but the radios and such are so old (circa 90's) that I'd rather just start into electric.

I've been looking at plans for building a foam wing. The thing I can't seem to figure out from the pics is how the leading edge is formed. I get how the airfoil is being formed, but surely there has to be more than just tape for the leading edge. Do you cut a 45-deg angle across the front edge and then tape it so you have some sort of bevel?

And how do you stiffen up the foam? I got some depron 6mm from HobbyTown, but it still feels super flimsy. I couldn't find any FFF at HomeDepot/Lowes. Is a balsa spar across the CG really all that is needed? Or do I need to cover it in paper/monocote?

I'm anxious to get back into it. The trainer cub my son is flying just doesn't cut it for me
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