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Hello to everyone here,

I'm rejoining the RC fraternity after a 30 year absence, this time starting with electric power. I've just purchased a transmitter and the plane will be an Apprentice 15e.

From what I have seen of it, I like it's versatility.

I trained on a high wing, aileron plane the last time, using ailerons and elevator only at first, then rudder later on.

Electric is the way to go for me at this time, now the motors have come a long way since the Astro motors of the 1980's and the Lithium Polymer cells. I have an electronic/technology background, so this is an interest in itself.

My specific interests are early mono monoplanes, pre-WW1, WW1 aircraft and all other biplanes.

My ID is named after the Vimy G-EAOU on display at the Adelaide Airport.


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