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Default DPCM AEROWERKS Pup conversion to RC

This was my first stick and tissue in about 30 years. Because I am a babe in the woods on electric RC nomenclature, the idea of using a ready-to-hook-up system appealed, so I chose to use the radio and Powerplant out of the Flyzone micro SE-5. Also I am a cheapskate. The radio came out of a wreck, I treated myself to a new $6.99 motor and gearbox, $4.99. Had to make new, longer pushrods with .015 music wire. I mounted the radio right behind the firewall, and adapted the battery box out of the SE-5 wreck.

The kit was a treat to build, laser cut, very nice. I used my old childhood Magna Jig, just wish I still had all of the magnets. Also used it to stabilize flying surfaces while the tissue was shrunk and doped. It was an enjoyable, fun build, after many years out of model building.

I covered the upper surfaces in chocolate tissue and the lowers and fuselage sides in a cream from the Container store. It was glued to place with Elmer's white glue (also used in basic assembly). Tissue was shrunk with water and doped with Aerogloss clear thinned 50/50 with thinner. I did use some basswood in selected structural areas (one of three lower wing spars, struts, and LG legs and in appropriate places in the tail).

The completed model weighs 40 g. compared to 35 g. for a new condition Flyzone SE-5 which has a 14.5" wingspan compared to 16" span for the pup.

The plane has had 5 short test flights in unfavorable wind but no damage. It seems to fly ok, CG turned out right. Hit my garage with it and no damage. Strong! I bungeed the spreader bar so the wheels will collapse aft and the gear struts won't have to take the full impact of a nose down ground resonance incident.

I am hesitant to place the inkjet markings and coat of Crystal Clear that DPCM advises because of the increase in weight over that of the SE-5. I don't want to compromise performance until I do some more flying with the plane. I think it will be fine as the pup has a good deal more wing area and a full NACA type airfoil. Should be a good slow flyer. Anyway I am happy that it flies at all!

Another point that aggravated me was that I have about $60 in the project and if I buy an $11 can of Crystal Clear and a $19.95 can of 3m spray adhesive to put the paper insigs on, I have bumped the cost of this by 50 percent, just like the F-35. I did mention I am a cheapskate.

I have some IPhone pictures but I do not know how to post them.
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