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I've had zero issues with Turnigy servos, or any other Chinese electronics, especially Hobbywing, who puts out ESC's comparable or better than "American" $200 ESC's. What I feel is that Chinese stuff is the same as American, just American companies get it made in China and then multiply the cost by 100x to make money, relying on the lie that they are better. There are cases in which American products are better, but perhaps look at the fact that almost every plane itself is Chinese. Turnigy and such are selling for cheaper not because they are necessarily cheaper quality, but because they wouldn't sell at the prices like Savox and Futaba. American can sell at high prices, because if you don't pay, you don't get it. For American, a lot of companies have so many products, ranging from any form of electronics to full planes, that they are guaranteed to make money. The one issue with Chinese is support though, and I suppose some value support that they are willing to pay big bucks. I am not willing really. The amount of times something fails is relatively low, including Turnigy, so I will likely never need the support form the company.
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