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Originally Posted by fhhuber View Post
The doors might make 1 to 2 km/hr difference... if that much.

the retract vs fixed gear makes a lot more difference but thats only about 5 to 7 km/hr gear up vs down on the Dynam Me262, which peaks at appx 110 mph (close to 180 km/hr)

about the same effect with the big EDF in my Avatar pic which peaks out at 119 mph gear up, 112 gear down)

The looks of your gear door is very nice though.

thanks mate, actually I as joking about the 10 klm. I am not a speed freak at 65 years of age. I covered the door with solarfilm and have now covered the rear doors with it as well. It has improved the looks a lot. I used Balsaloc on the doors first. The front door is hinged with Dubro hinges and can easily be removed if necessary. I had it more enclosed but was worried about the steering binding so I cut a chunk off. Looking forward to flying it again as I have just put in a bigger motor and landing lights that come on when the gear drops as well. Also gone to 4S instead of 3S.
Any day now.....
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