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Default Extremeflight 91" Yak 54 EXP Build Thread

This is by far the largest model I will have built, and I just made all of the orders in the last two days, so they should begin coming in. When all is here, (or when I freak out from waiting) I will drive to Extremeflight in Cumming GA and pick up my airframe.
Here are my choices for this build.

1. Airframe (Obviously) Extremeflight. I love EF and they're local. The carbon fiber in the structure makes a difference to me. Worth the minimal difference in price.
- Others I compared - 3DHS (No Yak 54, Not Local.) Goldwing etc. ( Cost the same or more than EF with shipping. No CF. Pilot RC (From Chief) - Overpriced in my opinion, apart from warranty, no clue why so expensive. Krill (I'd want an oversprayer scheme, but that's crazy kind of money for an airframe.)
2. Motor choice ended up being Turnigy Rotomax 50cc. - It was very very close to being a Hacker Q80-8M and will be so if I have motor issues.
3. ESC Turnigy DLUX 160HV - Gonna try Turnigy for ESC. Have not gotten a bad one yet.
4. Receiver - OrangeRX 8 ch DSMX + 2 DSMX Satellites.
5. AUX Power - Turnigy voltage regulator, 10 amp, + two x 2 cell batteries.
6. Servos - Rudder servo will be a Turnigy 40KG digital titanium gear servo. It's big at 175 grams, but only going this route on the rudder. 4 x Turnigy Digital 55 gram servos on the rest with 25KG of torque.
7. Batteries - 6S 20C 5000 packs. (I got 4.) I think 20C will be ok in 12 cell setup, so no need for crazy expensive mad C rating.

Additional Items. (Options and not sure how I will use em yet.)

*** GYRO / Autopilot - Got two. One Copilot II, and one Accelerometer based Arkbird setup.
* Ideally I am looking for workable and easy auto-level, 3D assisting option, as well as a return to home capability.
* Features I can't wait to try out:
- Copilot II - Hard Deck Module... (Fake impossible to cross floor of 50 feet up.) Bail out. (Instant restablize to level flight.) Want to see how to make GPS work for RTH on Copilot. (Think this is currently impossible.)
- Arkbird - 3D Hover Assist. (Spank out some GOD MODE 3D with a plane big as my car.... LOL Want to see how and what this does for it.) Try to use bailout in a high speed blender... Buzzzzzzzzz....... Flick. LMAO!!!

*** Wireless Buddy Box. - Allows hook up of two radios. I plan one one x DSMX and one FlySky and comparing range. I like the idea of being able to teach folks with this plane, so depending on how well it all works out with autolevel, GPS RTH, and Altitude hold / Hard deck, I think I can make that happen.

*** Test Platforms and goodies. - I plan on using a couple of other models as test platforms prior to adding the complex stuff to the Big yak.

Nothing is really here yet, but will post more when the goodies get here.

Wish me luck!!!
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