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Default Motor/ESC/Lipo combo for Sig Kadet Senior

Picked up a well used older Sig Kadet Senior, Flying Weight: 6 - 6.5 lbs, and looking for an inexpensive power system motor/esc/ lipo/prop, to get it up in the air.
Sig recomends a 500 watt BRUSHLESS OUTRUNNER MOTOR and lists a number of setups that will work in their manual but list their favorite as "a Himax 5018-530 (530 KV) brushless motor, 75 Amp ESC, 5S 5000 Mah lipo, and an APC 12x8E prop giving good performance and 8-10 minute flights." On the options they also list similar to an Eflite Power 32 (770 KV probably best flow on 4S) and and Eflite Power 46 (probably best flow on 5S). I think the airplane would fly fine on all of those. Turnigy is fine. Cheaper is better. Please give me your price shipped. Can PayPal.
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