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Default 1/24 C-130 power

I want to make sure I have things correct on this. I am working on a 1/24 scale C-130. I have already purchased the motors that fit into the nacelles. I want to use 3 cell lipos for flight. I have 45 amp ESCs. The prop that gets me closest to 45 amps results in about 40 amps and 420 watts which I measured with my watt meter.

Now I take 420 watts times 4 for the total motors to equal 1680 total watts. I am planning on 100 watts per pound hoping for a plane that will fly ok on 50-75% throttle and maybe carry a jeep or something for fun. Now divide 1680 by 100 to equal 16.8 pounds.

Am I correct that the plane cannot exceed 16.8 pounds?

Thanks for the advice.
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