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Default Which glider/flier clone?

Hi all-- I'm new to this forum, but some may recall me from time to time in other electric plane forums.
I'm exploring getting a 4 (5?) channel beginner's glider/flier along the lines of the Hawk Sky and admit I'm confused by all of the alternatives. I find lots of threads and posts about these multiple planes, but not too many direct comparisons, so I'm trying to get as many recommendations as I can in one thread.
What is your favorite of these planes?
Which US dealer is most dependable and reasonably priced?
Which plane is best for future mods?
I"m not looking to getting into flying big time with lots of planes and pricey gear. What I want is something RTF that will hold up with readily available replacement parts. I want it to glide, thermal a bit, but still be able to do some basic aerobatics. Any and all advice welcome.
BTW-- I used to have a Slow Stick, brushed, and was pretty proficient with that, to give you an idea of my skill level.
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