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Question Paraboard... Am I doing this right?

This is my first venture in parallel charging.
I have a parallel board, an ElectriFly CellMatch meter/balancer, and an Onyx 230 lipo charger. The Onyx 230 does not have a balance port, hence the EF CellMatch. Also note that the Onyx 230 has a max charge rate of 7.0 amps, so for multiple packs this will usually be less than 1C. (I know I need a bigger charger.)
I have read that I must only plug in batteries of the same cell count (I got it) and the cells should be at nearly the same voltage across all packs.
The setup I am planning is to plug my battery packs into the paraboard, the balance lead from the board goes into the EF CellMatch, and the charge lead from the paraboard goes into the Onyx 230 charger and charge.
Based on that setup, am I safe?
One problem..
When I check my battery packs using the ElectriFly CellMatch, I noted that some packs have cells that are off by a few tenths of a volt when compared to other packs.
Can I plug all the batteries I intend to charge into the paraboard and the paraboard into the EF CellMatch and get all the cells to balance without plugging in the charger?
Will this work as a good procedure to prep the multiple packs for a parallel charge?

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