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Originally Posted by Northern Mike View Post
I guess this will second as my intro thread.
I haven't flown since I was a kid running free flight airplane kits with my COX peewee 020.
I just recently picked up some old ww2 era kits, unassembled, all but one in its original box.
I thought I would post them here to see if anyone had any info or background info on them.
One is a 1944 Higgins EB-1 rubber powered helicopter
One is a JASCO Thermic 50 glider
The third doesn't have a box and I'm waiting on it to arrive to identify. It comes with a CO2 motor still in its box.
The last is a Top Flite Piper Vagabond

The unknown plane comes with the two sheets of paper, one the rubber ration slip and the other a substitution slip.
What a great find Do you intend to keep them as they are , or build and fly them? It is always a bit of a dilemma trying to decide with things like this
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