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Default Flaps on tailless aircraft

After retiring my last combat plane, I've been building a Lippisch Li 10, which was a contemporary of the Me 163 Komet. It is a swept wing (36 degrees) with a pusher prop, typical of the early 1940's German mindset. I've already flown it several time now, and it shows great promise as an all weather plane. The question is;

I want to fit flaps to it, as it currently has full length elevons. Is there a recommended length ( or formula) for flap size relative to the elevon? It snap rolls very well, and is extremely aerobatic; I just want to try something unknown, and possibly improve on landing in a restricted area. I fly on the beach regularly, and being able to bring it down quickly in light winds would really help. It tends to glide forever....It would be very simple to set up, and return to standard if not successful. Any advice is welcome
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