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Default Who was...?

I was recently involved in a discussion on another forum in which a gentleman stated that he was going to "Hit the big Hawaii (Five-O) in a fortnight."

I figured it out pretty quick... he was going to celebrate his 50th birthday soon, but other contributors didn't get it and thought because the gentleman was from UK and wanted advice on a purchase (and the severe VAT and added price of local purchase over what we here in USA pay) was simply making a reference to travel plans for going to Hawaii and whether he could "purchase" his items there more reasonably.

Turned out I was right. He wasn't planning a trip to Hawaii, and the reference he made WAS about his turning 50 soon.

Later in the thread he explained his veiled reference to the old show - Hawaii 5-0 as a simple downplay of his upcoming birthday.

I got to thinking of MY old reference to the show Hawaii 5-0 and in doing so wondered if any of you out there might know and understand what MY reference was. You see I knew the main actor of Hawaii 5-0 from another show and ALWAYS thought of him in THAT role.


So I thought it might be fun if we started a sort of WHO IS... thread, or possibly it might be better to call it a WHO WAS... thread.

Silly really, like asking how many James Bond's there have been, or how many Batman's.


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