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Default Motor Noise Help

Yesterday while flying my Fun Cub around I heard an awful "screeching" coming from the plane!! I thought it might be the collet/prop loose on the motor shaft so I cut the throttle and landed.

I checked things over and all is tight? I advanced the throttle slightly and got a short ratcheting of the prop and noise but when the throttle was increased things seemed normal.

The motor is an Exceed-RC 3010-1400kv but I don't think the problem is model specific. I took the prop off and advanced the throttle again, same result, momentary jerky movement and then smoothing out as a bit more throttle was advanced. When making the noise/movement and closing the throttle the shaft/motor almost seems to stop abruptly.

What do you suggest? I know I can change motors, I can just fly it and see what happens, or maybe take it out of the plane and disassemble and see if I can find anything??

Looking forward to your comments. FF
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