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Default howdy hey

hello fellow electrics.
im sid ive been rc flying for a while. just got back into it again this time electric speedy bees and lazy bee (i just lov those) any who i just put a 3530 kv-1100 and a bal 40 amp speed controller with bec in my speedy bee and man what a great flier except for the little problem.. and that is when i fly it seems to lock up IE i lose controll for a breif moment 20-40 seconds then regain control all this at about half throttle. now i had a smaller s 30 amp speedy control with a smaller motor and it worked fine. im at a loss as to whats going on maybe you guys could give me some where to look. wires are good ect.....and thanks for letting me in on this sire great place ive been reading quite a bit everyday
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