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Default $75.00 Build Contest, The Boze-N-Arrow

A New Airplane is born.


Okay so just to get this build thread started. My son and I and some friends have started using Slow Sticks for combat. At the time we believed that it was a cheap airplane and parts that could be purchased almost anywhere.

We started flying and had a blast! It was the most fun I had flying in years. So we decided that if three were fun then more would be better right?

So we showed up one day at the flying field with three slow sticks with 30 ft streamers in tow. Little did we know what we were starting. One of the local club members put our "dog fight" on Facebook and all of the sudden we were getting phone calls of when we were going to do it again and could anyone join in? We told them sure its open to anyone who wants too.

We figured that almost anyone who has been in the hobby for any amount of time had at least heard of the Slow Stick.

When my friend went to the local hobby shop after a miss hap with his stick. He couldn't find even find one. After going to three local hobby shops he walked away empty handed. It seems there had been a run on the slow sticks and parts and they couldn't keep them in stock and were on back order.
He asked me if I could 3D print the part he needed. I told him sure I could.A couple of hours later we had him back in the air. Pretty soon we had all of the slow stick parts programmed into the the 3D printer and when parts were needed we would print them. Some of the parts had even been improved.

Well one thing led to another and soon we thought why not just build a whole new airplane.

But not only would we build a new airplane but build it in a totally new way. We would 3D print most of the parts and use an arrow shaft as the main fuselage.

This would mean that all of the Slow Stick parts would have to be completely re-designed to fit the arrow shaft. While we were at it why not fix some of the Slow Sticks shortcomings like the landing gear, the weak motor mounts, no down or side thrust, maybe a steerable tailwheel? And maybe a semetrical wing with ailerons?
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