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Well I no doubt will have more when I started getting more into building. I am having a back burner to flying itself, however, with all of this Arctic weather. A few days of above freezing, but too windy, now this weather...and still windy. I suspect that my Radian Pro will be on a flying back burner the most often. There will be days when I want relaxing flight, or rather flight where I can toss the plane around for 30 minutes and not have to worry if the battery will die, but I prefer scale flight of the warbird variety more so. Well...maybe not quite scale speed, but at least scale looking. It is odd though how difficult it is not to buy a new plane, or look for new ideas for a build. I look at one plane and think how it will feed the need of flying/building. Then it is built, and then it is flown, and then I see something else interesting, of which is not simply a want, but somehow a need almost. Perchance it is merely the weather bringing about this bank account debacle; there is a scarcity of things to do in winter.
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