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Default Anyone seen the Tom-E-Boy from Mountain Models?

Is the Tom-E-Boy from Mountain Models a fun plane to fly?

Would it be possible to build a two-part wing for easy transport?

Does Mountain Models make good products?

The MM website calls for a Power D1811-2000 Outrunner. I am not familiar with this motor, is it important to use this exact motor to get a good fit, or could an Eflite outrunner be just as easily used?

Also calls for 3.7 gram servos, Power HD or Mountain Models - is there a Futaba equivalent or are the servos best purchased along with the plane from Mountain Models?

Plans call for SoLite covering - I have plenty of TowerCote and UltraCote, but I assume I need something lighter. Where can I find a covering like SoLite?
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