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Default Newest Wattflyer Introduction

Hello Everybody,

Grab a drink and a snack, and get comfy! This is gonna be a long one.

My name is Dave Thomas, 24yo, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manitoba, however I spent 5 years working as a petroleum contractor between high school and College. I am currently employed as a engineering student intern at the Boeing plant here in winnipeg, working in the new and exciting 787 program.

I first gained an interest in aviation through the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program, which is were I was also introduced to this hobby in my teens. At that time I (or my mother) didn't have money to buy me any models. I was reintroduced to the hobby last year when my friends father bought a HZ SuperCub LP. Despite my best efforts, and to my girlfriends disapproval, I ended up buying my first model last summer. Initially I only dipped my toes, buying a Ember 2, but after stumbling upon a Apprentice 15e(non-s) this fall at a deeply discounted price at my LHS I pulled the trigger and jumped right in.

Since buying the Apprentice I have managed to get a few flights in over the cold winter, and the plane is still in one, straight, dent free piece, so I guess my time on the Ember and the SuperCub paid off. I have modded my apprentice slightly, adding bigger wheels, but have plans to mod it further to add to the scale features of the model. I recently bought all the parts (i think) to add flaps and nav lights (incl. Tx controlled landing lights), and a few other things in mind.

I enjoy making videos of my mods, how-tos, etc., and posting them on youtube. Check out the two I have posted so far, and subscribe to my channel because there will be more to come as the flaps and nav lights come along. Due to my heavy work load at school, it take me some time to complete them.

Besides school and model airplanes, I enjoy snowmobiling in the winter, hunting, camping, cycling, and other outdoorsy things in the summer. I am also a licensed Pyrotechnician and Display Fireworks Supervisor(aka they let me play with big non-consumer fireworks).

Watch for progress threads of my Apprentice 15ex build. Congrats! You've made it to the end. Thanks for sticking around.
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