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Default Sig SBach XA-41

Anyone doing this puppy? There is not much apparent interest in it… I only know of one thread on one other r/c forum regarding it.

Nice kit; typical Sig quality. Supplied hardware is not top-shelf, but usable. Speaking specifically of the pushrods here; I'm not thrilled with those, so I'll replace them.

Only two respondents in that other thread actually built one and flew it; both of theirs came out borderline tail-heavy. I used epoxy on the firewall and 6/32 hardware on the motor mounts, along with a slightly heavier DuBro Spinner, to try and add a bit of useful nose weight. We'll see how that works out. One of the guys replaced his original motor with a slightly larger/heavier one and stated that improved the CG situation, but I elected to stay with the recommended E-Flite Power 32.

Speaking of the firewall, it is "adjustable" to get the proper motor/prop/spinner length for good cowl fit. I just glued it up; you need carpenter clamps to do a proper job there. Fortunately, I bought a few of those at Perry last year.

Anyway… it ought to be a lively little ship. They said the solid dark blue bottom causes visibility issues in certain lighting conditions, so I added wide yellow stripes on the wing, stab, and fuse bottom.

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