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Default Hobby people Century glider

Has anyone tried the H/P century glider yet? I bought one on sale to teach my grand son to fly and it was really slow on the controls. I rearranged the horns on the elev. and rudder to get a little more control which helped a little. The rudder has a big problem, it moves at the bottom but not the top. I had to add a bit of strapping tape to stiffen it up a bit. Works better now but it is not a really good plane to teach someone on as it is a very slow reacting plane. Also the folding prop is spring loaded but won't fold back unless it is stalled first to get the air off the prop. It acts like a prop disc and has a tendency to slow the plane too much. May have to hack it as well. Nice that it has a magnetic wing so any hard landings it will just pop off. I may just get a realflight sim to teach him to fly as it is cheaper then crashing a real plane.
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