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Default Some old planes never die!

Way back in 2008 I bought a Wing Dragon 4 with a brushed motor and 9.6V NiMh.
Through a many iterations it is still flying - well at least the fuselage and tail boom are, everything else is different!

It is now a simple 'fun' flyer but a little bit more sophisticated than it might look.
Click image for larger version

Name:	44inchVtail.JPG
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The 44" Depron wing is made up from the outer panels from a 2.1m glider. It has an Eppler 195 wing section.
The primary object of the V tail (also Depron) is to keep the tail plane clear of the rough ground although it also keeps it clear of the direct prop wash to improve the aerodynamic efficiency a touch.
Flown as a 'bank and yank' the single elevator servo is built into the LH tailplane and works both surfaces with a single link rod.
Click image for larger version

Name:	VtailElev.JPG
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It relies on the sideways flexibility of the elevator horns to maintain the geometry!
The motor (Emax 2812 1500kV - very cheap!) is closely cowled with a hollow spinner, drives a 7x6 and draws 15A giving 178W.
Click image for larger version

Name:	PushSpin.JPG
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The fuselage houses the radio, 30A ESC and a 1500mAh 3s.
Nothing unusual so far but at 15.25oz all up its thrust exceeds its weight by quite a margin yet it requires no more than 10C from the battery to do it.
Simple, reliable and tough it is great fun to fly with a substantial endurance. Find a decent thermal and those ex glider wings work well too.

My motto - never throw anything away!

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