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Default please help identify this attic find

After working with a guy at work for over 8 months and speaking daily about
rc aircraft he suddenly remembers that his dad used to fly in the late 70's and may have some old planes.
Next day he let's me know his dad still has some stuff in the attic and I can have it all ffor $50. Couple of planes he said, so I agreed sight unseen.

I may have hit a mini jackpot. Here's what he brought to work for me.

-- A Carl Goldberg Skylark 56 mark II Kit new in box
-- A M&H balsa products sportster 40 kit new in box
-- An OS Max 40F SR almost new in box. Run once and stored since.
-- And an extremely poorly painted completed pattern ship I don't recognize.

All of these item were put in the attic around 1978 or 1979 and forgotten about.

Seems I'm having trouble uploading pictures. They will follow shortly.

Edit.. Still having problems with pictures but have found out it is a hanger 9 contender.

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