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Originally Posted by dheaton View Post
Yes you are probably right. The plane is almost built (20 years ago) and just remembered that is does not have ailerons. I would like to put some on. Not too good at changing plans like that but how hard could it be right? It is either that or put is away for another 20 years.
Ailerons shouldn't be too hard to do, assuming the plane isn't covered. You are going to want to decide how big they are, and where they are located. Pick a starting former in the wing and an ending former (3 formers wide, 4 formers wide, etc). Now chose where the aileron starts and the wing ends on a middle former, this will decide the length of the aileron. Do not cut the end pieces, but all "middle" formers at this same point (assuming this is a rectangular aileron). Cut through the trailing edge along the inside of the end formers. This will free up the part that will be the aileron. It will be made up of x number of cut formers and a trailing edge piece extending further out, like a Roman numeral. Here you will take back the cuts on the former pieces of the wing and aileron piece so a strip of balsa can span perpendicular to the cut formers. Ypu have to take back the formers the width of these balsa strips to allow the aileron to line up with the rest of wing. Finally, sand the ends of the leading edge that is on the aileron, so that a second former piece can be fitted on each end of the aileron piece, completing the rectangular aileron that fits in the wing area. Hope this makes sense, look at my p47 build, this is exactly how the ailerons are made for it; a whole non-aileron wing is made first, and ailerons are essentially removed from the wing.
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