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The Wing
First thing is to remove the patchwork of old covering. There had to be four or five different brands of covering on there, this wing has been repaired that many times. A heat-gun helps release the covering, comes right off...

Now I've heard lots about how the Spectra is prone to tip-stalling. Folks have had success taming this beast by simply adding sheeting to the outer panels.

Mine are in pretty bad shape. The trailing edge is all sorts of warped-n-chewed up & sheeting her is not going to be as simple as slapping some 1/16" on there. So I've decided to rebuild them. First order of business is to cut off the old outer wing panels...

And seeing as I'm rebuilding these wing panels I figure I may as well take this opportunity to have some fun & do a little modding. Using the stock airfoil shape I drafted a new longer set of wing panels...

The new design will increase the wing-span from six feet to eight. I also decided to try using half-ribs instead of sheeting. Like sheeting these little riblets help maintain the airfoil shape between each main rib but at a fraction of the weight. No they're not as effective as sheeting but good enough for this old gal. So here's how the new wing panels might look...

And here's my template for cutting the ribs...

After printing my rip templates on regular 8" x 11 paper I use contact cement to glue those to my balsa. Then after rough cutting the ribs on a scroll-saw I use a belt sander to finalize the shape. Not as slick as laser-cut but a lot faster than hand cutting with a knife...

I'll cut the notches for the spar tomorrow & then we can start assembling these...

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