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Default The Boeing L15 project

Having finished my MidStar 40 conversion (nitro to twin electric), I felt the need to start building another.

I've been slowly teaching myself DesignCAD. I had already taken a set of plans and converted them into CAD, and built the plane from the resulting laser-cut short kit. That was (relatively) simple, since most of the details had already been worked out on the plan sheet, and I just measured and copied for the most part.

The MidStar required me to design some of my own pieces from scratch. That was a bit more challenging. You have to think about how it's supposed to look, how it has to be built to achieve that look, and not fall apart in the air!

This time, I decide to jump into the deep end of the pool. Not being an aircraft designer, I still needed a set of plans for general dimensions. I started scanning through some available plan sets and saw Bob Aberle's take on the Boeing L15. It is an intriguing aircraft, but the plans are for a very small backyard flyer. Scaling it up just wouldn't look right. A Google search led me to a set of plans from 1950 for the same aircraft in a free-flight version. The plans aren't really useable (or maybe I can't understand some of the build techniques used) but I got a good size reference for a 49" wingspan plane.

So, the process begins. This will be a 'sort of' scale version of the L15 scout plane. I intend to design the majority of the parts in CAD. When the plane is completed, and (if) it flys well, I'll offer up the CAD files to anyone who would like to build their own version. I've started a "build log" blog on (can I say this?) under my forum name Stay Quiet. Pictures, notes, etc will be updated there.
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